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コンセプトの整理から始まり、ロゴマーク、各種ショップツールの制作と順を追って進行した。ロゴマークは、肱川の流れや物資の流通、恵み(雨、ライフライン、大洲の小径)を示した3本のラインと、川石や商品、3つのO(Ozu, Organic, Ordinary)を示した3つの円での構成とした。また、それらが一体となることで、サスティナブル(自然の循環、商品の伝播)、時代に寄り添い緩やかに流れる様、大洲の「洲」を表現している。当店の軸となるサスティナブルを念頭に、大洲に根付き、当地の魅力を生かしながらも、繊細さや感度の高さを感じられるような顔つきに仕上げた。


OZU+ is a shop in the district with rich and thriving culture, in the City of Ozu, Ehime. The shop, situated in the lows of nagaya houses, sells sustainable products including towels and Ozu related goods. We started from finding balance between the historical town and the shop’s contemporary approach.

Sorting out the concept of the shop, the designs of the logo and several promotion tools followed. The logo is structured with three lines symbolising the flow of Hiji-kawa river, lines of distribution systems and the blessing of the nature, such as rain, lifeline and paths of Ozu and three circles which suggest three ‘O’s of Ozu, Organic, and Ordinary. All these put together, the whole logo expresses sustainability (circle of nature, spreading of products), flow of time, and the character 「洲」 from Ozu (大洲). Having the keyword ‘sustainable’ in mind, we created a desig that conveys the attraction of the region with delicacy and high sensitivity.

The shop delivers something special or a little ‘+’ (addition) to our daily lives, while being conscious of the environment.