set setouchi rhythm

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香川・高松の繊維商社である中商事株式会社が手がける新たなライフスタイルブランド「set setouchi rhythm(セット セトウチ リズム)」。着想から約2年の歳月を経てこの度リリースとなった。



Naka Shoji & Co. is a textile trading company based in Takamatsu, Kagawa. They recently launched a new lifestyle brand ‘set setouchi rhythm’ after two years from the conception of the original idea.

The brand was named ‘set’ based on three words: ‘Setouchi’, another name for the Seto Inland Sea; ‘reset’ which means returning to one’s true self; and the ‘sunset’ of the Inland Sea. The brand which produces fabric products, including underwear, organic towels and gauze pyjamas, embodies the tranquil atmosphere and unique rhythm of Setouchi. We, as designers, explore the identity of Setouchi in everyday life, through its name, logo design, products and website. The designs have been created with high sensitivity, which widely conveys the ethos of Setouchi. Members of staff and cast across the country came together and gave birth to this high-quality fabric brand.

Being modest and utilitarian, the brand enables you to stop for a moment and to return to your true self away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.