Naka Shoji & co.

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Naka Shoji & co., a national leading textile trading company, has been engaged in manufacturing and selling apparel and interior decoration goods, based in Aji-cho, Takamatsu, Kagawa. We engaged in the renewal of the cooperate logo and website of the firm, looking ahead of the changing of the times.

Regarding the logo, the cooperate philosophy ‘connecting the world together’ is expressed with the initial of the company, N and S, which are arranged on two opposite sides of a rectangular shape to represent both poles of a magnet. It also communicates the company’s principle that is to provide services, people and products which attract more excitement like a magnet. With the website, we tried to achieve a design with high sensitivity which is in tune with the times and capable of attracting a people’s interests.

We came up with the designs to represent the company’s business activities with which they hand down the richness of Setouchi to the future generations under their philosophy; connecting the world together’.