Hamano Nobuko Solo Exhibition

Client :
Hamano Nobuko
Term :
Works :
  • 画像:FLyer
  • 画像:Envelope
  • 画像:Sign

東京都渋谷区恵比寿に門を構える日仏会館ギャラリーにおいて、美術家 濱野暢子氏の個展が開かれた。開催に際して、フライヤーを中心とした告知用ツールのデザインを行なった。


A solo exhibition of artist Nobuko Hamano was held at the gallery in the Maison franco-japonaise in Ebisu, Shibuya Ward, Tokyo. We designed promotional tools, including the flyer for the exhibition.

She has been in search for the expression of life and death with flower petals as her motif. The work painted with a highly sophisticated expression was used in a bald manner in the front of the flyer and laid out the title of the exhibition to match the intensity of the artwork. By laying out two contrasting works which are trimmed rather dramatically, the flyer embodies the theme and world views. Maintaining the function as a promotional tool, we tried to create designs with her aim or intentions firmly kept in our mind.