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家具や雑貨、店舗や住宅建築に至るまで、ライフスタイルをベースとした様々なサービスを取り扱っている「Lifestyle shop cosha(ライフスタイルショップ コーシャ)」。



Lifestyle shop cosha provides various lifestyle related services from furniture and a variety of goods to shop design and home building.

Established for 10 years, it went through an overall review of their corporate philosophies and structure, at the time of diversification of their business. Originally, their website was mainly functioned as an online shop and the strength of the business, a wide range of services were unclear to the users. Therefore, we restructured the website and renewed its design to make it in harmony with their business stance, keeping the problem in mind.

In relation to the makeover, the leaflet was newly made. We continued the design of the website as the main visual for the whole production. The information is carefully arranged so more details gradually appear as the leaflet is unfolded. This helps the readers to get a good grasp of the shop’s diverse and friendly characteristics.