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FunTable Kitchen
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“おいしい”感動で、食卓をもっと楽しく———昭和39年創業の波止浜スーパーが「DELI, BREAD & STORE FunTable Kitchen(ファンタブルキッチン)」としてニューオープンした。地元はもちろん日本各地から商品をセレクトし、食の楽しさを集めたお店となっている。



‘Tasty’ sensations bring more delight to your table — Hatohama Supermarket, a grocer’s shop established in 1964, reopened as DELI, BREAD & STORE FunTable Kitchen who provides experience of the fun of eating, offering selected food from all over Japan as well as local products.

We started involving with the project from the very early stage of developing the shop concept and giving a new name to the grocery. The logo, the face of the shop, consists of an image of the shape of a dining table which is the central to the shop concept. The restrained tone gives the design versatility, and individuality resides in the neutral look. The logo was adapted into various promotional tools, shop signs, as well as the packages for their original groceries. The whole project was a process to bring together the contrasting ideas.