Boulangerie Maison Tsuji

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パン作りは思いやりと粉遊び———伝統的なバゲットやロデブから昔ながらのお菓子パンまで。毎日の食卓で愛されるパンを作り続ける、ハードパン中心のベーカリー「Boulangerie Maison 辻(ブーランジェリーメゾン ツジ)」。各種ショップツールや包材、ブランドサイト・ショッピングサイトなど、オープン以降、各種デザインに携わっている。


Bread baking is about fondness and playing with flours. From traditional baguette and pain de Lodève to classic pastries, Boulangerie Maison Tsuji, a bakery specializing in hard bread, keeps baking bread that can be enjoyed daily. STROKE engage in designing promotional tools and packaging materials as well as the website and online shopping site.

At the time of the move to a different location, the shop’s logo was reviewed and redesigned. It is simple yet implies their modest and honest approach towards baking.

Maintaining the underlying theme: the owner’s determination to keep moving forward without accepting things as they are, we use different expressions and styles for each of the promotional tools. Their bread and selected groceries can be purchased through the online shop. Along with special articles, the site offers beautiful and delightful experience to the users.