Kohachiya Unikan

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日本パッケージデザイン大賞 2021 入選(JPDA), Graphic Design in Japan 2019 入選(JAGDA), 日本タイポグラフィ年鑑 2019 ベストワーク賞 受賞(JTA),  おいしい東北パッケージデザイン展 2017 優秀賞(岩手県知事賞) 受賞
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  • 画像:Package


「おいしい東北パッケージデザイン展 2017」を通じ、既存パッケージのリ・デザインから実用化まで、一貫して携わった。高品質に即した顔つき、百貨店等への新販路開拓および女性にも届くデザインへの改善が求められた。そこでタイポグラフィを中心としながら、産地感や特徴をストレートに伝える地域産らしい表情の中に、自然さと高級感を持たせた。また、パッケージの仕様設計にも携わり、用紙選定からパッケージの形状まで、商品の特徴を引き出せるよう配慮した。


Hirono Town, Iwate, is one of the largest production regions of sea urchins in Japan. Established in 1950, Hirohachi-ya, a seafood products manufacturer, has produced and sold canned sea urchin from Kita Sanriku, well-known luxury food and the mainstay of the manufacturer. As a result of winning a prize at Packaging Tohoku Products – Deliciously Delightful 2017, we engaged constantly with the product from re-designing the existing package to the stage of putting it to practical use. We were in need of an improved design which meets the quality of the product and the need to cultivate the new market, including department stores and female customers. The solution we come up with was to use design mainly consists of typography which enabled us to communicate straight the features of the product, localness, naturalness and a luxurious feel. A special attention was also paid to the specification design which entailed the selection of paper and the shape of the package to bring out the characteristics of the product.

The Sanriku Sea is known as being wide, rich and rough. Facing the severe and abundant nature sincerely resulted in this product sold widely in the country mainly in department stores. We hope this continues to contribute, even a little, to the vitalisation of Tohoku region.