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2018年に設立された、愛媛・松山を拠点に活動されている注目の建築家「BALL ARCHITECTURE(ボール アーキテクチャー)」。設立当初から一般住宅をはじめ、商業施設の各種建築設計まで幅広く手がけている。


Established in 2018 in Matsuyama, Ehime, BALL ARCHITECTURE, a team of architects, have been attracting a lot of attention. From the first stage, they have been working on wide range of architectural designs from houses to commercial facilities. ‘Ball’ in company’s name comes from the term ‘ball’ in a game of baseball: a pitch that misses the strike zone. This suggests the company’s attitude to cover wide range of requests from the clients. Having this idea in mind we created an interesting layout of fonts situated the four corners of a rectangle shape for the cooperate logotype. This suggests both the spread of their business in the future and the starting point they always come back to.