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Kyouwa Syuzou
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  • 画像:Package

愛媛 砥部町で、創業130年を迎える、水・米にこだわった実直な酒造りを続ける酒蔵「協和酒造」。この度、愛媛地酒のブランドの確や認知度向上を目的に支援された「えひめる地酒プロジェクト」への参加伴い、愛媛県独品種である「さくらひめ」の清酒花酵から製造された日本酒用のボトルデザインを行なった。


‘Kyowa Shuzo’, who celebrate their 130 anniversary this year, has been committed to honest sake brewing in Tobe-cho, Ehime, paying special attention to the water and rice. As a part of the ‘Ehime Kaoru Local Sake Project’, the sake brewer has developed a new product called ‘Sakura Sarasara’ for which we have designed bottle. The purpose of the project is the establishment of ‘Ehime Brand’ and to raise awareness of Ehime’s local sake, using a unique flower yeast ‘Sakurahime’ made of the flower of the same name which was specially developed in Ehime.

Inspired by the pretty and delicate appearance of Sakurahime, we developed a design using ‘Iyo Mizuhiki’, a traditional craft of Ehime Prefecture. Regarding the knotting of the Mizuhiki code, we worked with craftsmen to create a natural appearance that is not overly made. Also, we chose the pale pink code, the colour of Sakurahime. Furthermore, we selected the thinnest possible Mizuhiki code in order to achieve the delicate appearance. Arranging the letter ‘ (sa)’ a part of the product name on the petal like pattern of the label on the front of the bottle, a special attention was paid not to give the bottle too much handcrafted look. The bottle design has both a modern look and the warmth and delicacy that are unique to handwork.